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Michael’s Status: Nobel Peace Prize for Good Intentions.

Debbie says: Hogwash

Fred says: It just proves that its a popularity contest.

Cae Cooley Gauntt says: He won because he makes the rest of the world believe that anything can happen. And that is the beginning of change. It breaks my heart to hear the negative reaction coming ONLY OUT OF THE U.S. Your son has done well. Be proud!

Lydia says: I'm with you, Cae!

Frank says: and it breaks my heart to hear him lambast his country and agologize for his country...... would prefer him to stand up for his country...... because it is also my country!
I agree with Fred!

Cae Cooley Gauntt says: I have never heard him "lambast" his country. Only apologize for mistakes that the U.S. has made that have caused indescribable suffering for so many humans. It's an arrogant man who doesn't think it's important to apologize. And a courageous man who apologizes for someone else's mistakes.

Fred says: The prize should be awarded based on tangible accomplishments; lofty speaches, good intentions and this generic "hope" don't count. If he can turn this hope into a reality that is an actual benefit to all of us and doesnt leave 50% of his citizenry divided and bitter, then we can start talking. At the end of his term we should revist this topic ... and see if he got his award for false hope. They made this decision after he was in office for 11 days; so i guess a good campaign stump is all it takes to win the prize. Finally, consider this, do you think of all the charitable people in the world who have do so much for so many people that his accomplishments have out weighted those?

Cae Cooley Gauntt says: "generic "hope" doesn't count"? You've obviously never been in a desperate situation. Because often hope is the ONLY thing giving you strength to go on. And whatever you think that the Nobel Prize should be based on is obviously at odds with what the Nobel committee thinks. They are not awarding his accomplishments, that is plain to see. And they're not awarding the prize to any of the regional saints who have accomplished a lot. No man has awakened such a global feeling of optimism in recorded history. It is only some Americans who choose to not embrace the possibilities that this era offers us all. The rest of the world senses a seismic shift. Only time will tell what else Barack Obama offers us. But for now- for so many- he has given so much.

I just can't resist posting yet another picture of the parthenocissus tricuspidata that is brightening up the outside of my house.
Who knew decay could be so beautiful?

Luke and I performing Eric Clapton's "Change the World" at the concert in Lauben.

These two ladies decided many years ago that they wanted me to come to their church and sing a concert. 16 years later, their wish came true. This was the first concert they had ever organized and they were way more nervous than I was! But they did a fantastic job and made us feel so welcome. Now they're talking about having me and Eddie come and do a Christmas concert.....


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